Free Download Ultimate Economics Review 4.0.9 APK

Free Download Ultimate Economics Review 4.0.9 APK

Description of Ultimate Economics Review


Developed by an experienced AP Economics teacher who has beenteaching for 15 years.

Ultimate Economics Review contains 697 questions and 520explanations for premium users (99 cents) covering nearly everyaspect of AP, IB, or college Microeconomics and Macroeconomicsprinciples.

Need help reviewing Microeconomics or Macroeconomics for theAdvanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), or anintroductory college course exam? This is the app you need to helpyou ace them!

Ultimate Economics Review was created by Jacob Reed, a veteranAdvanced Placement (AP) Economics teacher who wanted to shareactivities and games that gave his students success with the restof the Econ world. This app contains all of the flash review gamesand activities found at They have been consolidatedand formatted for your phone or tablet so you can take them withyou and study on the go!!

So whether you are preparing for a multiple choice or FRQ exam,Ultimate Economics Review is your best source to review Micro andMacro econ.

***Free Activities found within this app***
-Production Possibilities Curves (PPC)
-Elasticity Coefficients (mid point and end point)
-Market Shifts (Supply and Demand)
-Points, Prices, and Quantities
-Business Cycle
-Comparative & Absoute Adv. with Terms of Trade
-Loanable Funds Market
-Foreign Exchange Markets
-Market Graph Drawing
-PPC Graph Drawing
-Perfect Competition Graph Drawing
-AS/AD Graph Drawing
-Phillips Curve Graph Drawing

***PREMIUM ADD-ON ACTIVITIES (For 99 cents)***
-Balance of Payments
-Money Multiplier Calcualations
-Monetary Fiscal Policy Sorting Activity
-Circular Flow Diagram
-AS/AD Model
-Bank Balance Sheets
-Money Markets
-Phillips Curve
-GDP Components Identification
-GDP Deflator and CPI Calculations
-Marginal Propensities and multipliers
-Non-price determinants of Supply and Demand
-Cost, Profit and Revenue Calculations
-Market Structures
-Shading Microeconomics Graphs
-Oligopolies (duopoly – game theory)
-Resource Market Calculations
-Utility Maximizing, Cost Minimizing, and Profit MaximizingCombinations
-Rival vs Non-rival and Excludable vs Non-excludable goods
-Monopoly and Monopolistic Competition Graph Drawing
-Factor Markets and Market Failures Graph Drawing
-Loanable Funds Market Graph Drawing
-Money Market Graph Drawing
-Foreign Exchange Market Graph Drawing

App Information of Ultimate Economics Review

App Name Ultimate Economics Review
Package Name
Version 4.0.9
Rating 4.7 ( 21 )
Requirement Android 2.3 and up
Updated 2017-11-09
Installs 1,000 - 5,000
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